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ビルクリーニング分野特定技能1号評価試験 インドネシア試験 合格者 Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Indonesia examination pass announcement

We would like to inform you of the results of the Indonesian test conducted in July,2023.

受験者数 467名 / 合格者数 376名 / 合格率 80.5%
Number of examinees 467 / Number of successful applicants 376 / Pass rate 80.5%

* We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding scoring results, exam questions, correct answers and points.

Those who have the exam number listed are those who have passed the exam.

* You can search the page by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

I202302001    I202302193   I202302414
I202302003    I202302194   I202302417
I202302004    I202302198    I202302418
I202302006    I202302200    I202302419
I202302008    I202302202    I202302422
I202302009    I202302203    I202302423
I202302010    I202302209    I202302425
I202302012    I202302212    I202302426
I202302013    I202302213    I202302427
I202302014    I202302214    I202302431
I202302016    I202302217    I202302433
I202302018    I202302218    I202302437
I202302019    I202302220    I202302439
I202302020    I202302221    I202302442
I202302021    I202302223    I202302444
I202302023    I202302224    I202302446
I202302024    I202302226    I202302448
I202302025    I202302228    I202302449
I202302027    I202302229    I202302452
I202302030    I202302230    I202302453
I202302032    I202302231    I202302455
I202302033    I202302232    I202302457
I202302035    I202302233    I202302458
I202302036    I202302235    I202302460
I202302037    I202302236    I202302461
I202302038    I202302237    I202302462
I202302039    I202302240    I202302463
I202302040    I202302242    I202302465
I202302041    I202302244    I202302466
I202302042    I202302245    I202302468
I202302043    I202302247    I202302469
I202302044    I202302248    I202302472
I202302045    I202302251    I202302474
I202302046    I202302252    I202302476
I202302047    I202302254    I202302480
I202302048    I202302255    I202302487
I202302049    I202302256    I202302488
I202302050    I202302257    I202302489
I202302053    I202302258    I202302490
I202302055    I202302262    I202302492
I202302056    I202302263    I202302496
I202302058    I202302265    I202302497
I202302059    I202302266    I202302499
I202302060    I202302267    I202302502
I202302062    I202302270    I202302503
I202302064    I202302271    I202302504
I202302066    I202302273    I202302505
I202302068    I202302274    I202302509
I202302069    I202302275    I202302512
I202302070    I202302277    I202302514
I202302071    I202302279    I202302516
I202302072    I202302281    I202302517
I202302073    I202302283    I202302520
I202302074    I202302284    I202302521
I202302075    I202302287    I202302522
I202302077    I202302288    I202302523
I202302078    I202302289    I202302524
I202302079    I202302291    I202302525
I202302080    I202302292    I202302527
I202302081    I202302293    I202302530
I202302082    I202302294    I202302532
I202302083    I202302295    I202302533
I202302085    I202302296    I202302534
I202302086    I202302301    I202302537
I202302087    I202302302    I202302540
I202302088    I202302303    I202302543
I202302089    I202302305    I202302544
I202302090    I202302306    I202302546
I202302091    I202302307    I202302547
I202302092    I202302308    I202302548
I202302093    I202302312    I202302549
I202302094    I202302313    I202302550
I202302095    I202302314    I202302551
I202302096    I202302315    I202302552
I202302097    I202302316    I202302553
I202302098    I202302317    I202302554
I202302101    I202302319    I202302555
I202302102    I202302320    I202302556
I202302103    I202302321    I202302557
I202302104    I202302322    I202302558
I202302105    I202302323    I202302559
I202302107    I202302324    I202302560
I202302108    I202302326    I202302561
I202302109    I202302329    I202302562
I202302110    I202302330    I202302563
I202302111    I202302332    I202302564
I202302113    I202302333    I202302565
I202302115    I202302334    I202302566
I202302116    I202302335    I202302568
I202302117    I202302337    I202302569
I202302118    I202302338    I202302570
I202302119    I202302339    I202302573
I202302122    I202302342    I202302574
I202302124    I202302343    I202302575
I202302125    I202302347    I202302576
I202302126    I202302350    I202302578
I202302127    I202302351    I202302579
I202302128    I202302352    I202302580
I202302131    I202302353    I202302581
I202302132    I202302354    I202302582
I202302133    I202302356    I202302583
I202302134    I202302357    I202302584
I202302136    I202302359    I202302585
I202302138    I202302360    I202302587
I202302139    I202302366    I202302588
I202302143    I202302370    I202302589
I202302146    I202302371    I202302590
I202302147    I202302373    I202302591
I202302148    I202302374    I202302592
I202302149    I202302375    I202302593
I202302152    I202302382    I202302594
I202302155    I202302385    I202302595
I202302156    I202302387    I202302596
I202302157    I202302389    I202302597
I202302158    I202302393    I202302598
I202302163    I202302396    I202302599
I202302164    I202302397    I202302600
I202302168    I202302399    I202302601
I202302169    I202302401    I202302602
I202302170    I202302403    I202302604
I202302178    I202302404    I202302606
I202302185    I202302405    I202302607
I202302187    I202302409    I202302608
I202302190    I202302410    I202302609
I202302191    I202302411
I202302192    I202302413