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ビルクリーニング分野特定技能1号評価試験 インドネシア試験 合格者 Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Indonesia examination pass announcement

We would like to inform you of the results of the Indonesian test conducted in July,2023.

受験者数 492名 / 合格者数 390名 / 合格率 79.3%
Number of examinees 492/ Number of successful applicants 390/ Pass rate 79.3%

* We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding scoring results, exam questions, correct answers and points.

Those who have the exam number listed are those who have passed the exam.

* You can search the page by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

I202303001      I202303110      I202303227      I202303352      I202303493     
I202303002      I202303116      I202303228      I202303357      I202303494     
I202303003      I202303117      I202303229      I202303360      I202303495     
I202303004      I202303119      I202303230      I202303361      I202303497     
I202303006      I202303120      I202303231      I202303362      I202303498     
I202303008      I202303121      I202303232      I202303363      I202303499     
I202303009      I202303123      I202303233      I202303364      I202303500     
I202303010      I202303125      I202303234      I202303365      I202303501     
I202303011      I202303126      I202303235      I202303367      I202303502     
I202303012      I202303127      I202303236      I202303368      I202303503     
I202303013      I202303128      I202303237      I202303369      I202303504     
I202303014      I202303129      I202303238      I202303371      I202303505     
I202303015      I202303130      I202303239      I202303373      I202303506     
I202303016      I202303132      I202303240      I202303377      I202303507     
I202303017      I202303135      I202303241      I202303378      I202303508     
I202303020      I202303137      I202303242      I202303379      I202303509     
I202303021      I202303138      I202303243      I202303382      I202303510     
I202303022      I202303139      I202303246      I202303384      I202303511     
I202303023      I202303140      I202303247      I202303385      I202303512     
I202303024      I202303141      I202303250      I202303387      I202303513     
I202303026      I202303144      I202303252      I202303389      I202303514     
I202303027      I202303145      I202303253      I202303391      I202303515     
I202303029      I202303146      I202303260      I202303392      I202303516     
I202303030      I202303148      I202303261      I202303393      I202303517     
I202303033      I202303150      I202303262      I202303394      I202303518     
I202303035      I202303151      I202303263      I202303395      I202303519     
I202303036      I202303152      I202303265      I202303397      I202303520     
I202303039      I202303153      I202303266      I202303399      I202303521     
I202303041      I202303155      I202303267      I202303400      I202303522     
I202303042      I202303156      I202303271      I202303402      I202303523     
I202303043      I202303157      I202303272      I202303403      I202303524     
I202303045      I202303158      I202303273      I202303404      I202303525     
I202303046      I202303159      I202303276      I202303407      I202303526     
I202303047      I202303160      I202303278      I202303409      I202303527     
I202303048      I202303162      I202303280      I202303410      I202303528     
I202303049      I202303163      I202303281      I202303411      I202303529     
I202303050      I202303164      I202303282      I202303412      I202303530     
I202303051      I202303165      I202303283      I202303413      I202303532     
I202303052      I202303166      I202303286      I202303414      I202303533     
I202303053      I202303167      I202303287      I202303417      I202303534     
I202303054      I202303168      I202303288      I202303419      I202303535     
I202303055      I202303173      I202303289      I202303422      I202303536     
I202303056      I202303174      I202303291      I202303424      I202303538     
I202303059      I202303175      I202303292      I202303426      I202303539     
I202303063      I202303177      I202303294      I202303428      I202303540     
I202303064      I202303178      I202303295      I202303430      I202303541     
I202303066      I202303179      I202303297      I202303432      I202303542     
I202303067      I202303180      I202303300      I202303433      I202303543     
I202303068      I202303182      I202303301      I202303434      I202303544     
I202303069      I202303184      I202303304      I202303435      I202303545     
I202303070      I202303185      I202303306      I202303436      I202303546     
I202303072      I202303187      I202303307      I202303437      I202303547     
I202303073      I202303188      I202303309      I202303438      I202303548     
I202303074      I202303189      I202303312      I202303439      I202303549     
I202303076      I202303191      I202303313      I202303443      I202303550     
I202303078      I202303192      I202303314      I202303446      I202303551     
I202303079      I202303193      I202303316      I202303449      I202303552     
I202303080      I202303195      I202303317      I202303450      I202303553     
I202303081      I202303196      I202303321      I202303452      I202303554     
I202303082      I202303198      I202303322      I202303453      I202303555     
I202303083      I202303199      I202303323      I202303456      I202303556     
I202303084      I202303202      I202303325      I202303458      I202303557     
I202303085      I202303203      I202303326      I202303461      I202303558     
I202303087      I202303204      I202303327      I202303462      I202303559     
I202303089      I202303205      I202303328      I202303463      I202303560     
I202303090      I202303206      I202303329      I202303465      I202303561     
I202303091      I202303207      I202303331      I202303466      I202303562     
I202303092      I202303209      I202303334      I202303467      I202303563     
I202303093      I202303210      I202303335      I202303470      I202303564     
I202303094      I202303211      I202303336      I202303475      I202303565     
I202303095      I202303212      I202303339      I202303477      I202303566     
I202303096      I202303213      I202303340      I202303479      I202303567     
I202303099      I202303215      I202303342      I202303481      I202303568     
I202303100      I202303216      I202303343      I202303482      I202303569     
I202303101      I202303218      I202303344      I202303483      I202303570     
I202303105      I202303220      I202303346      I202303484      I202303571     
I202303106      I202303223      I202303348      I202303491      I202303572     
I202303109      I202303224      I202303350      I202303492      I202303573