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ビルクリーニング分野特定技能1号評価試験 フィリピン試験 合格者 Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Philippine examination pass announcement

2023/03/31 06:00 更新

We would like to inform you of the results of the Philippine exam conducted in March,2023.

受験者数 118名 / 合格者数 64名 / 合格率 54.2%
Number of examinees 118 / Number of successful applicants 64 / Pass rate 54.2%

* We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding scoring results, exam questions, correct answers and points.

Those who have the exam number listed are those who have passed the exam.

* You can search the page by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

F202201001 F202201052 F202201105
F202201002 F202201053 F202201106
F202201008 F202201054 F202201107
F202201009 F202201055 F202201109
F202201011 F202201056 F202201113
F202201013 F202201057 F202201115
F202201015 F202201059 F202201117
F202201017 F202201061 F202201118
F202201018 F202201062 F202201122
F202201020 F202201064 F202201125
F202201027 F202201067 F202201132
F202201031 F202201068 F202201143
F202201033 F202201072 F202201145
F202201037 F202201076 F202201151
F202201038 F202201077 F202201153
F202201040 F202201078 F202201155
F202201043 F202201081 F202201156
F202201044 F202201083 F202201166
F202201045 F202201086 F202201167
F202201048 F202201091 F202201174
F202201049 F202201099
F202201050 F202201101