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ビルクリーニング分野特定技能1号評価試験 インドネシア試験 合格者 Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Indonesia examination pass announcement

2023/2/28 10:00 更新

We would like to inform you of the results of the Indonesian test conducted in January・February,2023.

受験者数 280名 / 合格者数 224名 / 合格率  80.0%
Number of examinees 280 / Number of successful applicants 224 / Pass rate 80.0%

* We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding scoring results, exam questions, correct answers and points.

Those who have the exam number listed are those who have passed the exam.

* You can search the page by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

I202202001 I202202057 I202202105 I202202159 I202202220 I202202281
I202202003 I202202058 I202202106 I202202161 I202202221 I202202283
I202202004 I202202059 I202202108 I202202162 I202202222 I202202290
I202202005 I202202060 I202202110 I202202164 I202202223 I202202291
I202202006 I202202061 I202202111 I202202165 I202202226 I202202293
I202202007 I202202062 I202202113 I202202166 I202202227 I202202301
I202202008 I202202063 I202202115 I202202167 I202202228 I202202303
I202202009 I202202064 I202202116 I202202168 I202202229 I202202316
I202202011 I202202065 I202202117 I202202169 I202202231 I202202317
I202202012 I202202066 I202202119 I202202171 I202202232 I202202319
I202202013 I202202067 I202202121 I202202173 I202202234 I202202322
I202202014 I202202069 I202202124 I202202175 I202202235 I202202323
I202202015 I202202070 I202202126 I202202177 I202202238 I202202325
I202202016 I202202071 I202202127 I202202178 I202202239 I202202326
I202202017 I202202073 I202202128 I202202181 I202202240 I202202327
I202202018 I202202074 I202202130 I202202183 I202202241 I202202328
I202202019 I202202075 I202202131 I202202186 I202202242 I202202333
I202202020 I202202076 I202202132 I202202187 I202202244 I202202336
I202202021 I202202077 I202202133 I202202188 I202202245 I202202337
I202202023 I202202078 I202202137 I202202189 I202202246 I202202347
I202202024 I202202079 I202202138 I202202190 I202202247 I202202354
I202202025 I202202080 I202202139 I202202193 I202202248 I202202355
I202202026 I202202081 I202202140 I202202195 I202202251 I202202369
I202202027 I202202082 I202202141 I202202196 I202202252 I202202376
I202202028 I202202083 I202202142 I202202198 I202202254 I202202381
I202202029 I202202084 I202202143 I202202199 I202202259 I202202382
I202202030 I202202087 I202202144 I202202200 I202202260 I202202385
I202202032 I202202088 I202202145 I202202201 I202202264 I202202387
I202202034 I202202089 I202202148 I202202202 I202202267 I202202389
I202202035 I202202090 I202202149 I202202203 I202202268 I202202396
I202202039 I202202093 I202202150 I202202205 I202202269 I202202397
I202202040 I202202094 I202202151 I202202206 I202202271 I202202408
I202202042 I202202095 I202202152 I202202208 I202202274 I202202409
I202202045 I202202098 I202202153 I202202210 I202202275 I202202418
I202202047 I202202099 I202202154 I202202212 I202202276 I202202423
I202202050 I202202101 I202202155 I202202214 I202202277 I202202427
I202202051 I202202102 I202202157 I202202219 I202202280 I202202453
I202202056 I202202103