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ビルクリーニング分野特定技能1号評価試験 インドネシア試験 合格者 Building cleaning Management skills evaluation test in Indonesia examination pass announcement

We would like to inform you of the results of the Indonesian test conducted in November 2021.

受験者数 203名 / 合格者数 167名 / 合格率  82.3%
Number of examinees 203 / Number of successful applicants 167 / Pass rate 82.3%

* We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding scoring results, exam questions, correct answers and points.

Those who have the exam number listed are those who have passed the exam.

* You can search the page by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

I2021001 I2021029 I2021065 I2021107 I2021136 I2021165
I2021002 I2021031 I2021066 I2021108 I2021137 I2021168
I2021003 I2021032 I2021068 I2021110 I2021138 I2021171
I2021004 I2021033 I2021070 I2021111 I2021140 I2021172
I2021005 I2021034 I2021071 I2021112 I2021141 I2021173
I2021006 I2021035 I2021072 I2021113 I2021142 I2021174
I2021007 I2021036 I2021073 I2021114 I2021143 I2021176
I2021008 I2021037 I2021074 I2021115 I2021144 I2021178
I2021009 I2021038 I2021076 I2021116 I2021145 I2021179
I2021010 I2021039 I2021077 I2021117 I2021146 I2021180
I2021011 I2021040 I2021078 I2021118 I2021147 I2021181
I2021012 I2021041 I2021082 I2021119 I2021148 I2021182
I2021013 I2021042 I2021083 I2021120 I2021149 I2021186
I2021014 I2021043 I2021084 I2021121 I2021150 I2021187
I2021015 I2021044 I2021085 I2021122 I2021151 I2021188
I2021016 I2021045 I2021088 I2021123 I2021152 I2021189
I2021017 I2021046 I2021089 I2021124 I2021153 I2021190
I2021018 I2021047 I2021092 I2021125 I2021154 I2021191
I2021019 I2021048 I2021093 I2021126 I2021155 I2021193
I2021020 I2021049 I2021095 I2021127 I2021156 I2021194
I2021021 I2021051 I2021096 I2021128 I2021157 I2021195
I2021022 I2021052 I2021097 I2021129 I2021158 I2021196
I2021023 I2021057 I2021098 I2021130 I2021159 I2021197
I2021024 I2021059 I2021099 I2021131 I2021160 I2021198
I2021025 I2021060 I2021100 I2021132 I2021161 I2021199
I2021026 I2021061 I2021101 I2021133 I2021162 I2021203
I2021027 I2021062 I2021104 I2021134 I2021163 I2021205
I2021028 I2021063 I2021105 I2021135 I2021164